About Moon

I love clothes, and I like to enjoy them, have fun with them, and explore and express myself with them. Clothes and accessories tell a person’s story – the truth as well as the fantasy. Clothes also illustrate the vision of whatever a person chooses or feels to express at that moment – which is their moment. Their creative manifesto – a public declaration of their own principals, personal policies, personal intentions – not just of a political nature, but a creative nature.
Life is a special gift; special because although it’s not easily understood, and its meaning and timing not readily understood – it offers lessons and blessings, so it remains a gift to me none the less. I have free will. Although destiny may play a part in the divine plan, I may also be living a dual life simultaneously as human and spirit, possibly leading to a place where only one or the other exists at a time. For now though, I do not have the perceived luxury of that single existence, but I do have the luxury of recognizing when I am happy. There are many kinds of suffering that exist in living life, in loving, and in being happy – extending from and through a feeling, an object, another person(s), etc. As with such things, long-lasting is not always long or everlasting, but still there is joy. When that is experienced, it becomes valuable to me, leaving a mark of meaningfulness that makes me happy even though I’m aware that its brief or lengthy time-span may force upon me the deep suffering that comes with remembering its presence. The joy of happiness accompanies a full life of value in meaning. This joy touches me many times in my life when I am costume designing or fashion styling.
There is a collective intellect as well as an individual intellect. My individual intellect has been with me since my life in time began. Each of my individual steps is an action leading me to my next individual step of action. This creates understanding, which becomes my experiences. To myself I am true, and as I am true, it is appropriate action.
Creating for the purpose of extending to, and intended for others beyond “just myself” contains the idea, understanding, and incorporates the “use” of a product either in fact or theory as well as in the present or in the future. Everything has a beginning and must start from somewhere. While the middle and/or end may or may not be known or experienced, an “is” has been created once it does begin. The art of design can be endless, and combining philosophy with design can be a helpful guide when taking into account cost, economic standing, functionality, and methods of designing.
When a design project comes my way, the first thing I experience is the joy and happiness that comes with living and experiencing my individual intellect, which is valuable and meaningful to me. It gives me the strength to bear whatever the project deals me as I continue to go wherever I desire while trusting and referring to that feeling –my built-in compass. While I’m designing for the project, the vision is the foundation for the method of my creation, which is guided by cost, economic standing, budget, and time frame. When I love what I’m doing, I don’t question why I love it. I do my best and live each moment as it comes because I can’t get ahead of myself anyway. I don’t know the unknown secrets; I just design and release them with happiness, joy, and a smile.